SoftGripping Controlbox

Codice art.: RBTX-SOFT-0011

This control box requires an external compressor and is suitable for high speed robots where timing and a high number of cycles are of utmost importance. Delta and Scara robots are best used with this control box, but also fixed robots in continuous operation that have access to a compressor. Suction cups can also be used due to the additional connection. The grippers are very robust and can be operated at a speed of over 120 cycles per minute without any problems. Basically, the use of this box allows the operation of the following SoftGripping product lines: Educational, SoftActuator and SoftGripper, but is also applicable for other product lines.

This model is a good choice, if compressed air infrastructure is available. Alternatively there is a model with an integrated pump that requires no compressed air.

Tempo di consegna abituale: 3 settimane

input pressure
4 - 7
Output pressure
0,75 - 2,5
Switching speed

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