Mech-Viz, Intelligent robot control and programming environment

Codice art.: RBTX-MECH-0024

With Mech-Viz, all common robots can be programmed visually and code-free, regardless of the manufacturer. The all-in-one system from Mech-Mind Robotics recognizes the object and uses AI to calculate the fastest motion sequence for the robot. Mech-Viz generates collision-free paths to the desired object. Each variation of the gripping point is checked for collisions.

But even more: With Mech-Viz you can simulate your application in advance in a 3D visualization and thus optimize it before commissioning. Many robot brands are already stored as 3D models in Mech-Viz.

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Smart. Code-free. AI Based

In just a few clicks to 3D simulation of the entire motion sequence: With Mech-Viz, Mech-Mind Robotics provides the latest generation of a fully visualized programming environment for robots. The best thing: No line of code is required to program your individual application-- everything is controlled via the graphical user interface.    

Intelligent algorithms such as path planning, collision detection and grasp planning are firmly integrated. And like all components of the Mech-Mind Robotics systems, Mech-Viz also supports all common robot brands.



Plug & Play

With our 3D Vision Bundles, you get everything you need to directly expand your robot application. Connect your robot controller to the Vision IPC, connect the smart Mech-Eye 3D camera to the IPC and start the calibration. With Mech-Vision and Mech-Viz pre-installed, you can immediately create your first robot controller.

Intelligent algorithms

Mech-Viz autonomously takes care of intelligent path planning and generates collision-free movements to the desired gripping point. Numerous tools such as the Pallet Editor help with typical palletising tasks - as well as in all other application areas.


Mech-Viz already supports all common robot types and thus offers uniform control for different manufacturer types. If your model is not yet supported, Mech-Mind Robotics will usually realise a system integration for you within a few days.

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