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Automatic drink mixer

Mix it, robot!

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The place of inspiration for this student project should be clear. The automatic drink mixer prepares cocktails that customers select and order via a touch panel. The application is user-friendly and offers predefined cocktails. To do this, the automatic beverage mixer is moved to certain positions underneath the beverage dispensers and then lifted by a lifting mechanism. This activates the beverage dispenser and pours a defined amount of liquid into a glass.

The glass is subsequently moved to an initial position and the microcontroller activates air pumps, dispensing a larger amount of liquid than the beverage dispenser does. The air pumps are used for precise beverage dispensing and automatically maintain the optimum pressure for the taste of the beverage.

The machine uses igus® components for high-quality, maintenance-free and reliable operation.

The automatic beverage mixer makes a bartender's job more efficient. The experience of preparing the best cocktails becomes even more attractive. The machine can be coupled with databases. This makes it possible to measure the popularity of drinks and realize automatic stocking and much more.

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