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Pizza vending machine - enjoyment at the touch of a button

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A pizza at the push of a button? Some may be thinking about the food replicator of Star Trek now. A very earthly and present solution is the BistroBox from Austria.

The BistroBox is Austria's first pizza machine. It consists of a cooled storage system and a high performance oven. A linear robot unit operates between these two extreme temperature worlds. In combination, this means that an oven-fresh pizza can be served around the clock within only 90 seconds.

All pizzas are controlled according to high quality standards. If these standards are met, the pizzas enter the refrigerated storage system of the pizza machine at 5°C. Each pizza oven automatically stores the filling date of each individual product.

Customers simply select their desired pizza on the display, pay and press the start button. Then each pizza is separated from its packaging and then pushed into the hot air oven. There it is baked fresh from the oven in just 2 minutes at over 300°C using hot air. The curious can follow the pizza from the unpacking station to the hot air oven through the viewing window.

The linear robot must also meet special challenges. It must be able to withstand large temperature fluctuations from 5°C in the cooled storage system to the finished hot pizza coming out of the 300°C hot-air oven. Special features of the gantry robot are its freedom from maintenance and lubrication and its suitability for handling food. This means that the machine can prepare pizzas around the clock, without interruption. The individual dimensions of the robot, which have been perfectly adapted to the conditions inside the pizza machine, are also particularly practical.

Buon appetito!

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