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Machine with maintenance-free linear robot cleans camping toilet

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The subject of caravanning is booming. The registration figures for caravans and motorhomes are increasing every year. At the same time, customers' demands for camping comfort are also increasing. Emptying the cassette of the camping toilet is one of the most unpleasant tasks. The Camping Butler machines of W+F Engineering take care of this task.

Never clean the camping toilet yourself again

The emptying of the camping cassette is part of the daily routine of every camper. Unfortunately, because it is an odorous and unpleasant task. The Camping Butler by W+F Engineering provides a remedy - the first fully automatic cleaning system for the cassette of the camping toilet. The wardrobe-sized machines can be seen on more and more campgrounds. The installation is easy, as they only need a water inlet, a water outlet and a 230 volt power connection.

Fully automatic and simple operation thanks to linear robot

For cleaning, the closed cassette of the camping toilet is inserted into the Camping Butler, then the slide-in flap closes. The customer selects his cleaning program via a touch display. After less than two to three minutes the camper receives his cassette emptied, cleaned and filled with fresh water. If desired, the tank can be cleaned from the outside or a sanitary additive can be added automatically after cleaning.

Inside the Camping Butler works an igus linear robot that turns, empties and cleans the cassette. The lid of the cassette gets unlocked and opened by means of a gripper mounted on one of the robot's Z-axes. Connected to a second Z-axis is an attachment which gets placed on the opening of the cassette through which water is filled in. A cogwheel rotates the tub and xyz robot through 180 degrees to empty and rinse the contents of the cassette. The tub then returns to its original position. The cassette is closed again and the flap opens. The camper can remove his cleaned cassette.

The components from igus used in the Camping Butler are lubricant-, maintenance- and corrosion-free and are therefore ideally suited for the hygienic cleaning system. The cleaning and filling of the cassettes with water used to be a challenge for every automation solution. Here it pays off that the components used are corrosion-resistant and lubricant-free. This ensures a fast amortisation and a safe, durable and maintenance-free operation of the machines. The Camping Butler has already cleaned over 18,000 camping toilets. Thanks to an integrated heating system, the Camping Butler can also be used in winter without any problems. The automatic cleaning machine is currently available as an outdoor version with protective roof and stainless steel door for 23,999 euros and as an individually adapted indoor version for 21,999 euros.

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