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Automation solutions for 3D printing

Purpose AM Systems
3D printing
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The 3D printing process becomes faster and more profitable

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Additive processes like 3D printing are all the rage. How practical would it be to replace the manual steps and automate the 3D printing process?

3D printing is slow and time-consuming. Automation allows the process to be scaled up. The user doesn't have to intervene to take the part out and start a new printing process. This makes the process faster, especially for short print runs.

Purpose AM Systems develops automation solutions for 3D printing. An automated gantry is connected to each 3D printer. Before starting the print job, the gantry inserts a new printing plate. When the print job is complete, the gantry removes the print plate and places it in the storage area. This system can be scaled up to 50 3D printers. Combinations with filament dryers, scanners or different 3D printer types (SLS, FFF, SLA) etc. are possible. This allows end-to-end 24/7 process automation for the 3D printing area including stock tracking to be implemented.

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