3D Vision sensor - Mech-Eye PRO M

Varianti: Working distance 1200 mm, color version

Codice art.: RBTX-MECH-0014

The 3D cameras of the Mech-Eye PRO series are perfect for bin picking and machine tending tasks due to their particularly high accuracy and small to medium working distance.

A compact aluminium housing, powerful LEDs or lasers and completely fanless thermal management make the Mech-Eye 3D cameras from Mech-Mind Robotics a perfect building block in automation.

Even complex or reflective surfaces are accurately captured by the sensors. The exceptionally high-quality 3D point clouds are the optimal basis for the automatic detection of unsorted, heterogeneous objects, the calculation of gripping positions and collision-free motion sequences. Fast, precise and with outstanding stability.

The 3D cameras from Mech-Mind Robotics are CE, FCC and VCCI certified

Optional: We recommend the IPC from Mech Mind and the Mech vision and Mech-Viz software.

Tempo di consegna abituale: 3 settimane


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Technical Details

  • Typical capture time - 0,3 - 0,6s

  • Resolution (px) - 1.920 x 1.200 px

  • VDI/VDE accuracy - 0,2mm bei 2 m

  • Working distance - 1000 mm - 2000 mm

  • Interface - GigE, C++, C#, Python, ROS

  • Power supply - 24V DC / 3,75 A


Compatible surfaces and software

  • GigE Vision 2.1

  • GenICam 3.0

  • C++

  • C#

  • ROS

  • Python

Download Surfaces

Compatible software

  • Easy 3D / Easy 3DMatch



  • EyeVision


Important information

For using a Mech Eye vision system a IPC is needed!

Click here to get to the matching IPC from Mech Mind

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